MSC Summer Camp International

Summer – Day Camp (9am – 4pm)

  • Do you want to give your child the opportunity to test a lot of different sports?
  • Are you looking for a camp in Stockholm?
  • Then Multi Sport Camp is the camp for you!
  • Improve your English skills during the summer holidays through sports while making new friends

Information about Coronavirus
We see it as an important contribution for society to promote the physical development of children.
Of course, the training is adapted to current times. Here you will find the rules that apply at previous camps, read more ..
(The information is in swedish, please use google translate)

1 camp = 12 sports

Multi-Sport Camp is a day camp for children and youths at 6-16 years. The camps are individualized, and group division is according to age. During the summer camp week, we train more than 12 sports, all under the guidance of professional and dedicated coaches.

The international camp is training parallel with the Swedish speaking camp. At this camp, there will be 5 groups of Swedish speaking and 3 groups of English speaking. When coaches are training with the international groups the coaches will only be speaking English

Facts about the Camp

week 25 – Måndag 21/6 – Torsdag 24/6
week 26 – Monday 28/6 – Thursday 1/7
Where: KTH-Sports Center, Östermalm Stockholm
For: girls & boys 6 to 16 years old, the groups are divided by age

Sport Campus Östermalm

Located behind the Royal Institute of Technology, facing the Liljan forest you will find the KTH Sports Center (KTH hallen). With its tranquil green surroundings and GIH’s (Swedish School of Sports & Health science) outdoor tennis courts, it offers perfect settings for a sports summer camp!

The coaches at camp make sure that the participants get a safe, developing and eventful camp. It will be an unforgettable summer week with joy and community and for many; new friends for life.

At the Swedish School of Sports & Health Science, our future sports scientists and sports coaches are educated. Since the start of the Multi-Sport Camp, in the summer of 2005, many of the students of the school are looking for summer-jobs at camp activities and we believe that is the primary and best combination to bring pure sports coaches to our camps. The coaches at camp make sure that the participants get a safe, developing and eventful camp. It will be an unforgettable summer week with joy and community and for many; new friends for life.


Multi Sport Camp Sommar

Sports Multi Sport Camp Östermalm – Summer 2021

  1. New sport summer 2021 – Netball


    Netball is played in more than 80 countries with over 20 million practitioners. It is a ball sport played in two teams, with 7 players in each team.

    Netball has its origins in early versions of basketball and over time developed into its own sport as the number of women who participated in the sport increased.

    Unlike basketball, you are not allowed to dribble with the ball, but must pass it further. Physical close contact is also not allowed.




  2. New sport summer 2021 – Slackline

    Excitement, balance, control – it’s important to use all your senses when you try this summer’s new Multi Sport Camp sport!










  3. Pickleball

    “Look out basketball, baseball, and volleyball. There’s a new ball game in town.”

    The game was first invented in 1965 by three dads in the United States with bored kids. It slowly made its way to Canada and is now the country’s fastest-growing sport.

    It’s a game played by young, old, and everyone in between. In fact, the slogan of Pickleball Canada is, “A Game for All.”



  4. Pennyboard


    Learn the basics of skateboarding with a trendy Penny board! We try out tricks like “Ollie” and “Kickflip”.










  5. Tennis

    Learn the basics of tennis or take your game to the next level. We go through grip, swing and foot position. Camp participants get to practice basic technology, security and games.









  6. Parkour

    Fast-paced fun and challenging obstacles.
    Parkour involves moving your own body from one place to another in as fast, effective and above all controlled manner as possible. The focus is on constant movement, efficiency and agility.







  7. Track and field

    Athletics / Track and field
    We test and try out running, throwing and jumping techniques. During the camp, the participants get to train the height & long jump, discus, bullet, sprint, and batons.








  8. Soccer

    Sweden’s most popular sport! Dribbling, passing, games and fun!








  9. Acrobatics / Gymnastics

    Acrobatics / Gymnastics
    Toggle, handstand, wheel & flips. We train body control and learn the basics of acrobatics







  10. Basketball

    One of the camp participants’ absolute favourite sports! Action, collaboration and tricks!








  11. Indoor Climbing

    Indoor Climbing
    A nervous favourite! Under the guidance of well-educated climbing-coaches, we learn the basic of wall-climbing.









  12. Dance Pop Star

    Dance Pop Star
    Take part in the latest trends and learn to dance like a pop star!








Multi Sport Camp Sommar

About the Camp

  1. Camp program

    Day 1
    Participants are introduced to the coaches and receive information about the camp’s schedule. Then the groups are divided and after the warm-up, the sports and activities start. The group divisions are according to age. If your child has a desire to be in the same group as a friend you can email us it after you have made your registration. Every day several different sports and activities are practised. With our well educated and experienced coaches, we ensure that the participants get the best possible training adapted to the right level and age.

  2. About the sports

    Multi Sport Camp sommarlägerThe chosen sports

    We have chosen sports with care. We believe that you develop more as an individual if you get to try both individual sports (tennis and athletics) and team sports where you learn to collaborate in teams (football and floorball). Technic, tactics, psychology and match play are important parts of the training, but the goal for the young participants is to develop as individuals and thrive in the new community.
    (Of course, you will borrow all equipment from us)

    During the camp week, we will teach technic, tactics/strategy, psychology and mental training in our selected sports. We train several hours each day and our experienced coaches adapt the training to the right level and age. At the beginning of the week, the training will be focused on instructions and technic training. At the end of the week, we focus on the games of sports.

    The goals of this week of sports are of course that the students will have the opportunity to try and develop within the different sports. But also, that the children and young people should develop as team players and individuals and thrive in the community with many new comrades. In short, a week that contains most of it!


  3. Rain

    In case of rain and stormy weather, the training continues just as planned indoors at the amazing facility.

  4. Lunch

    Multi Sport Camp SommarExamples of how the menu can look

    Monday – Lasagna
    Tuesday – Meatballs with potatoes and lingonberries
    Wednesday – Pasta Carbonara
    Thursday – Sausage stew and rice
    Friday – Meat sauce & spaghetti

    Bread and salad are also served with the meals. For participants with allergies, of course, alternative dishes are served. Please mention this when booking.

  5. What to bring

    What to bring:

    • Water bottle
    • Outdoor and indoor shoes (indoor shoes should have a sole that does not colour off)
    • Extra clothes (1 change)
    • 2 snacks (an example is a sandwich, fruits, crackers).
    • All camps are nut-free. Avoid snacks with containing nuts.
      (Lunch included every day. Notify us before if your child has allergies or special diets.)

    Other and optional: Towel & Soap (Is it possible to shower just before lunch)
    All other equipment you can, of course, borrow from us

  6. Sportmanship & Fair play

    One theme that exists throughout the camp is Fair Play and sportsmanship. We encourage how one should behave to be a true sportsman and an example to others. The performance is assessed throughout the week before, during and after the activities by the coaches. We give this honourable prize to a boy and a girl every week who have shown great sportsmanship deserving the Fair Play prize.

  7. The camp’s coaches

    Our coaches are well-educated, and all have a great experience of working with children and young people. All young people are divided into groups by age and assigned to a group-coach. During the week, the group-coach gets close contact with his/her group which has between 10-12 participants and becomes the person the young people can have the main contact with during the week in case of questions or concerns. The number of participants per coach varies depending on sports activity. Ex during a soccer lesson, the group is 12 practitioners and a leader while during a climbing lesson, the training consists of two participants per coach. Safety and quality are of course a top priority.

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